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The Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan is a flagship scheme of Government of India, launched in March, 2009, to enhance access to secondary education and improve its quality. The implementation of the scheme started from 2009-10 to generate human capital and provide sufficient conditions for accelerating growth and development and equity as also quality of life for everyone in India. Largely built upon the successes of SSA and, like SSA, RMSA leverages support from a wide range of stakeholders including multilateral organisations, NGOs, advisors and consultants, research agencies and institutions. The scheme involves multidimensional research, technical consulting, implementation and funding support. Currently in its fourth year of implementation, RMSA covers 50,000 government and local body secondary schools. Besides this, an additional of 30,000 aided secondary schools can also access the benefits of RMSA; but not infrastructure and support in core areas.


The scheme envisages to achieve a gross enrolment ratio of 75% from 52.26% in 2005-06 for classes IX-X within 5 years of its implementation, by providing a secondary school within reasonable distance of any habitation.

  • Improve the quality of education imparted at secondary level by making all secondary  schools conform to prescribed norms.
  • Remove gender, socio-economic and disability barriers.
  • Provide universal access to secondary level education by 2017, i.e. by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan
  • Enhance and universalize retention by 2020
  • Our Team

    Sr. No. Designation   Name   Mobile Number   Email-ID
    1. Principal Secratary   Smt. Aradhana Shukla(IAS) 0522-2239282   rmsaup.spd@gmail.com
    1. Special Secretory   Aryaka Akhori   0522-2239282   rmsaup.spd@gmail.com
    2. ASPD   Sri Vishnu Kant Pandey   0522-2239361   rmsaup.spo@gmail.com
    3. Joint Director   --   0522-2239549   rmsaup.spo@gmail.com
    4. Finance Controller   Sri P:ramod Kr. Singh   0522-2239119   rmsaup.spo@gmail.com
    5. Joint Director   Smt Shantwana Tiwari   0522-2239902   rmsaup.spo@gmail.com
    6. Deputy Director   Sri Harvansh Singh   0522-2239930   rmsaup.spo@gmail.com
    7. Deputy Director   Sri R.P.Sharma   0522-2239422   rmsaup.spo@gmail.com